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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Patriot Underground's Top Tens for Preppers

Okay folks, this one is going to be short (or at least shorter) and sweet.  Today I am going to tell you about my top TEN guns by type that every prepper should own, and the top TEN types of ammo to hoard... errr.... stockpile.... ummm... add to inventory.  Yeah... inventory.

Top Ten Weapons

The top ten firearms every house should own if you want to cover all the bases are as follows:

Number ten: Black Powder Pistol
Number nine: Black Powder Rifle
I'll cover numbers ten and nine at the same time because I put them on my list for the exact same reasons.  If things go way south, beyond just the end of the world as we know it, with these two firearms you can still get it done.  These are your REAL Just In Case firearms.  What happens in a true collapse after all the ammo is gone?  If you have these, you go to the junkyards and gather wheel weights and make your own.  You make your own powder too.  End of the world averted.  

Number eight: Rimfire Pistol
.22 ammo is the most abundant and stockpiled ammo and having a pistol in this caliber is only practical in my opinion.

Number seven: Long Range Rifle
Having the ability to really reach out there and touch someone is a bonus.  Most people would have put this higher on the list than number seven.  I almost put this as number ten, but after some pondering I moved it up a bit because having the skill to reach out to a thousand yards is beyond 95% of the population's ability.  If you have the equipment to do it, eventually you might finds someone that can use it for you if you find yourself outside that other 5%.  Otherwise, everyone wants one and you can probably trade for something really useful in a doomsday scenario... like a whiskey still.

Number six: Combat Revolver
A combat revolver is simply a larger caliber revolver such as a ..38/357 that is simple to show someone who has never fired a weapon how to use.  It is also in a very common caliber that should be more readily available wherever you are.

Number five: Pistol Caliber Carbine
Paired with a pistol of like caliber, you only have to pack one ammo.  If you choose a .40 S&W then you will basically be shooting a 10mm in a carbine.  If you pick the right carbine, it even uses the same mags as your pistol.  Simplifying your weapons is a good idea.

Number four: Rimfire Rifle
Do I really need to explain this one?  You can load it with subsonic ammo and take squirrels without anyone knowing you're there.  Or you can load it with high performance ammo and it will readily take a deer.  Thousands of poachers can't be wrong, right?

Number three: 12 Gauge Shotgun
Home defense... bird hunting... deer hunting... bear hunting... disabling vehicles...  Most common shotgun loading and the most popular.  Most loadings available.  Least picky about ammo.  Broadest range of uses of all the firearms.  'Nuff said.

Number two: Rifle Caliber Carbine
We all know what I'm talking about right?  An AR or an AK in the short version that is (or will be) your everyday patrol rifle.  Always slung and good from point blank range out to a couple hundred yards.  It simply extends your range until you can get back to a defensible position with heavy artillery.

Number one: Defensive Pistol
I know, I know... "Why is the 10/22 not in this spot?"  Because as much as we all love the 10/22, carrying a rifle (even one this small) every minute of every day is simply not practical.  especially when you are having to use your two hands to fix something like your vehicle... since the dealership is not open today... or this year.

Top Ten Ammos

These are based on three criteria: Availability, Affordability, and Commonality.

How readily available are they? Can one find them in most locations?  A .41 Magnum is great, but can you find ammo for it?  Probably not.  You gotta be able to find it if you need it.

How affordable are they?  Can one afford to stock up on them?  A .338 Lapua is a great round, but can you afford to buy a couple thousand rounds for it?  Again, probably not.

How common are they?  If you have to rely on unconventional methods of living such as barter and trade, do you want to be stocked up on something that nobody is looking for?  How many people do you know that are looking for .41 Magnum ammo?  Not many I bet.

You need your ammo cache to be stuff that you yourself need and can use, but also stuff that most everyone else needs.   If times are tough, you can trade off ammo for food, labor, or whatever else.  It also needs to be something that you can afford to stockpile right now without going hungry or having your power shut off.  And lastly, it needs to be in the most common calibers in your area.  Don't forget, if you move to another region, the common calibers may be different.  For example, here where I currently live, the .243 is insanely popular for deer hunting, but in Alaska the most popular is the .30-06.

That said, the top ten ammos every house should own if you want to cover all the bases are as follows:

Number ten: .308
While slightly on the pricy side, it is a very popular cartridge and is used in multiple weapons platforms.  This will be a very "in demand" round when shelves remain empty and doors are closed and padlocked.  Stock 168 grain match type ammo, and then a heavier and lighter hunting round.  If you can find a good price on military FMJ, don't pass that up either.  While the others are great for hunting and sniping, when it comes down to trade and barter, cheap FMJ's are where it will be.

Number nine: .30-30
I know what you are thinking.  Yes, .30-30.  First off, it is the most popular deer cartridge nationwide.  No really.  I bet if you think about it you can come up with three friends that have a .30-30.  Now, how many can you come up with that shoot a .270?  Too, this is a semi-modern loading that can be retroverted back to black powder if need be... and the loading info is right there on the barrel:  30 caliber bullet over 30 grains of black powder - .30-30.  Get something in the 150 to 160 grain range.

Number eight: 7.62 x 54R
Easy... millions of Mosin Nagants out there, billions of sealed spam can rounds.  Cheap.

Number seven: 7.62 x 39
See above. Plus, if they don't shoot a 5.56, they DO shoot a 7.62 x 39.

Number six: 12 Gauge
Stock any and all loadings for this round in 2 3/4 inch:  # 7 1/2 Birdshot, OO Buckshot, and 1 oz rifled slugs.  Once you have a nice pile of those three, branch out.  Next get # 4 game loads, and # 4 Buckshot then step up to 3 inch shells and repeat.

Number five: .38 / .357
By far the most popular revolver round in the U.S. of A.  It has been around for a hundred years now and those old Saturday Night Specials are everywhere!  Stock up on anything you can get cheaply!

Number four: .223 / 5.56
This is the most popular NATO caliber in use and most every non-communist block country uses it.  Add that to the fact that every prepper I know of has an AR platform in .223 and that means demand will be high.  Stock up on 55 grain FMJs and 64 - 77 grain hunting loads.

Number three: 9mm
Then most popular handgun round in the world.  And it is readily available and cheap... least it was cheap.  Either way, almost everyone has a 9mil to go with their .223 and demand will be high.

Number two: .40 S&W
The most popular law enforcement round in existence in the U.S.  There are a plethora of loadings out there and it is a very proven performer.  (And it becomes a 10mm in a carbine!)  The Federal XM40HB 155 grain loading is a Federal law enforcement loading that is really hot for a .40.  I wouldn't advise shooting a lot of it but it is probably the best 40 cal round out there.

Number one: .22 LR
I won't even bother... we all know why we should have this one on hand.

Hope this helps.


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