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Friday, November 8, 2013

News on Venison from Uncle Ted

Sacred Venison Flesh Demands Serious Care

Proper care of the venison we take is the key to tasting the most pure and delectable table fare known to humankind. (photo courtesy of

For more than 50 years I have been doing everything in my power to turn people on to the ultimate quality protein and sustenance known to man – VENISON! In each and every case, I have succeeded in educating non-hunters and even anti-hunters, and even animal rights freaks to this inescapable reality. In many instances they are extremely resistant due to the myth of “gaminess” and ignorance of truly pure organic food.

It doesn't matter if it is the primo backstraps, hindquarter haunch, flank steaks, or ground burger in a nice chili or spaghetti, every man, woman child has raved about the delicious taste and come to grips with the superior nutrition that wild game meat provides.

But here’s the rub – in far too many cases, the mishandling of our game translates into some nasty inedible yuck that has turned the positive term “gamey,” into a negative scare tactic that not only turns people unnecessarily away from venison, but does nothing to endear them to our beloved sport.

And here’s why; in most states a local butcher handles so many carcasses that they all get heaped into one big heat-making pile. Add to this mishandling the fact that so many hunters do a piss-poor job of gutting and handling their deer in the field and during transport to the butcher, that now we have the perfect storm for spoilage and bacteria buildup that spells disaster for the magnificent beast that provided us this very special gift.

Each deer we take demands the utmost respect, and the nourishing venison they provide requires our best efforts to clean and cool the meat as quickly as possible, so that no morsel goes to waste. (photo courtesy of

So this NugeBlog is going out there to the experienced and knowledgeable sporters and butchers out there to push harder at deercamp and beyond to educate our fellow hunters how critical good game handling is for a quality end product of precious meat.

Kill em clean, gut em clean, keep em clean and cold, make sure you know your butcher intimately to make certain he handles your animal with all the tender loving care it deserves and your families’ meals deserve.

I know my local game warden, chief of police, sheriff, state trooper commander, farmers and butcher. With the proper care and respect, venison is the best flesh a person could ever make a meal out of. Revere the beast and the ultimate meals await you.

Goodluck, good hunting, God bless & Godspeed, celebrate the flesh,

Ted & family

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