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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Some of you may know how I feel at the way our government spends our money.  The term drunken fool comes to mind rather handily.  Of higher concern than the spending is their logic in making decisions.  ANY decision.  I am amazed that these people can function independently and aren't required to wear helmets.

Take for example their version of "spending cuts".  They believe, and it makes sense to them that if don't spend what was projected that it is a spending cut.  That makes sense right?  "We were budgeted for 300 billion this month and we only spent 285 billion... SUCCESS!"  This is perfectly logical to them because it is LESS than they plan to spend NEXT month, therefore it is a spending cut!  "This month we have cut our spending to only 700 million more than we spent last month!"

How about the logic of the current gun bans?  It didn't work the last time we tried it, but they believe we need to try it again?  Gun free school zones?  Awesome idea!  Just need to figure out how to get an insane murderer to obey a SIGN.  Ammunition restrictions?  Seriously?  You want to ban hollow point ammo because it is more deadly, and want to go back to full metal jackets.  So then in a legal shooting, the FMJ will pass through the intended bad guy and strikes an innocent bystander in the face.  Then while you try to reload your seven round magazine while you wait on the bad guy to slowly... ever so slowly... bleed out from the seven holes you poked through him, he comes over and beats you to death with a pipe.  Three deaths.

But these guys are only human, right?  I mean we all make mistakes.  Take for example all of us falling into the trap of blaming ALL of congress for the sequestration.  I started falling for it too.  No one wants to be seen as rubbing someone's nose in it that they screwed up.  So when the democrats started whining about the mess their president created they started right in with "It's both party's fault!"  No it ain't.  Bull.  I'll call B.S. all day long on that one.

You see, Bronco Bama came up with this idea as a threat to republicans a couple years ago.  The republicans fell for it that time and gave him his tax increases for the promise of spending cuts... those didn't happen.  Matter of fact, spending increased!  This time he has started off with what a doomsday this will create.  Then when he saw that the republicans weren't falling for it again, he had to talk it down as not being that bad.  Why?  Because he OWNS it.  He cannot even try to deny it.  All he can do is then try to shift the blame for the plan he owns onto the congress.  The democrats there can't disown it either, so they try to rope everyone into it by blaming it on the republicans refusing to work with them.  Really?  After the JOKE of a budget Team Bronco submitted in December?

Most folks don't realize that for the three years prior the republicans have submitted a budget that the democrats pretended wasn't there.  This year the republicans were tired of the games and told Team Bronco that since he had shot down every budget that had submitted they would bend the rules and let his people prepare a budget and then they would vote on it.  He submitted a complete JOKE!  Three parts to his budget: Raise taxes across the board, complete removal of the debt ceiling, and another stimulus.

Let's see... Another stimulus?  Great idea!  Spend more money that you don't have on things we don't need.  Ohhh... Raise taxes across the board?  Awesome idea!  Except that that only raises taxes on Mitt Romney's 53% that everyone hates... you know, those that actually PAY taxes.  But that is a wonderful idea.  That would also give you more money for your stimulus!  And what was that other one?  Oh, right... complete removal of the debt ceiling.  Seriously?  You want a Chinese credit card with NO LIMIT on it?  With your credit score of about 115?  Fannnnntastic! We'll do that!

Wrong.  When voted on by 100 senators it was 99 against, and 1 for.  So 98% of the democrats and 100% of the republicans thought your budget was a joke!

So, if even the democrats were against an idea that anyone with two living brain cells would have voted against, why is everyone so quick to blame republicans?  Because like I have already stated, the republicans don't want to be perceived as rubbing their noses in it.  So when the democratic populace says "Everyone of them is to blame!" we start to fall for it.  Not me!  I applaud the republicans for refusing to back down when faced with Team Bronco's Chicago styled "bully politics" and keeping a travesty of a budget like the one above from passing!

Would you have passed that budget?
Don't you agree that republicans are not to blame for Obama's self-created sequestration?