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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our goals!

Our goal here is to show you and teach you everything you want to know about prepping, survival, and simply being prepared for what you may face in a serious TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it. See already learning something.) situation, or simply an everyday "Ah crap!" situation.

We will be posting videos on our YouTube channel (<----- Link is over there on the side bar) which will show you how to accomplish tasks ranging from simple fire starting, to advanced fire starting, to IMPOSSIBLE fire starting (RIGHT JOSH?).  For those that don't know what impossible fire starting is here's a brief description   When it is 15 below, it is too cold to start a fire with common implements.  Josh and I tried for nearly an hour and in the end we couldn't even get it going with TWO lighters AND lighter fluid... and we aren't talking wet, green wood.  We are talking pine twigs, shaved bark, and dead needles on top of birch bark (like paper) and soaked with Ronsonol (Zippo) lighter fluid.  Forget Bear Grylls... he can go drink his pee somewhere and pretend to light fires.  Let him come up here in January and light one with a stick and a boot lace.  AIN'T HAPPENING!

I'll also be covering windmill generators and gas generators and supply systems for homes.  Wells and how to drive your own.  Food stores, water stores, and medicine stores.  Weapons.  Knives.  Axes.  Keeping them sharpened.  You name it.  Reloading.  Car, truck, and tractor repair.  Recipes.  Canning.  Curing meats.  All that hoopla!

YOU NAME IT!!! Literally!  Tell us what you want to see!

Edit to add:  Yes, I know that The Patriot Undergroun is missing a "D" at the end... apparently they only let you make your title so long and it cuts it off.  Oh well, makes us UNIQUE!  Send me ideas for there too!




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