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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Are You Ready?

So, are you ready?  You do have a Family Emergency Preparedness Plan, right?  A plan for what kind of emergency you ask?  None and any kind all at the same time.  Well, that just doesn't make any sense you say, but really it does.  Really.  Think about it.  One of the hallmarks of a really good plan is that it fits almost every situation without any kind of modification.

Because you and your family may not all be together when a situation arises it is imperative that you plan ahead and that you and your family know and understand the plan and how to set it into action in a moments notice and without help.  Where will you go?  How will you make contact with the other members and how will you get together?  These things are all parts of a good Family Emergency Preparedness Plan.

What should you put into your plan?  Well, every plan has almost the same basic criteria to be a good plan.
1. A nearby meeting place such as the church just down the street.
2. A meeting place that is not so nearby such as the county fairgrounds five miles away.
3. A method of reconnecting such as having everyone contact a specific aunt that lives two states away.
4. And lastly, shelter and supplies to last for however long you have to wait.

1.  A nearby meeting place is just that, a place that is close by and that everyone can find easily in any situation.  It should be a public property in case you have to hang around for a while.

2.  A not so nearby meeting place is for when the emergency is a bit larger and you have to leave the neighborhood.  Is should also be a public place and even more friendly to having to sit around.  A camp ground is a good example of this type of meeting place.  It should also have restrooms and water because you may be here for a while.

3.  A method of reconnecting.  Sounds like this should be a no brainer, right?  But what is you lost your cell phone and can't call your spouse to say to meet at the campground at the river?  You could still pick up a pay phone (assuming they still are functional) and call Aunt Sally and tell her you are heading to the campground and she can pass that message to all the others as they call in.  Get it?  You should also have a pre-designated area to report to for events in which the telephones are all dead.

4.  Shelter and supplies to help you wait.  Wouldn't want to sit in the rain and be hungry and thirsty for ten hours while waiting on your husband to walk the fifteen miles to meet you all would you?  Easy enough.

These are just the bullet points on developing a good plan.  There are many plans out there that you can follow and many are free if you just look for them.  There are also many great instructional sites out there too that will provide you with more case-by-case specific plans if you just put in a bit of effort looking... matter of fact, all the effort required today is clicking this link:  Emergency Preparedness Plans

You should also have a plan in place for you and your coworkers at your workplace, you and your family at your favorite grocery store, and even just you and your spouse at Walmart.  You should always have a plan!  And a good plan is adaptable to every situation.  And good plans are FREE because they just require, well, planning... but they are worth a million bucks when they are needed!  

One last thing... have a plan even if you are alone walking down a seemingly deserted street.  It could be the difference between happiness and tragedy for your family.



Chris said...

Very well written Will. Having a good emergency plan is vitally important. Having all the preps in the world will do you no good if you don't have a way and means to get to your bugout location. I personally witnessed this during the Hurricane Katrina debacle in New Orleans.

Will said...

Thanks Chris! And I agree 100%... Gotta have a plan!

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