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Saturday, March 9, 2013

NYC Hit & Run Murderer

Remember that fatal hit-and-run that killed the mother in labor and the father last week? 

The one in which the baby was cut out of the mother on scene to save it's life? The one where the baby later died? The one where the driver of a BMW fled the scene?

Yes, that one....turns out he is ILLEGALLY in the U.S. and had been ordered deported long ago. 

What does that mean? Well, for starters, he was arrested two weeks ago for drunk driving. His release occurred in NEW YORK CITY which is a sanctuary city which refuses to hold convicted illegals for immigration officials to come deport.
  He was at the time of the triple murder a FUGITIVE!!!  New York was harboring him from ICE who was actively seeking him to deport him!  Had this been a city that obeys the law, he would not have been out on the street to MURDER that family.

This family's death rests firmly on the government of New York for allowing him to return to the street and drive. Had this been Atlanta, Georgia he would have been held and deported back to the Dominican Republic and never allowed to return to murdering families. Oh, yeah, did I mention this isn't the first death at his hands?

I hope this poor family's relatives SUES New York for 16 trillion dollars.

Read on...

Judicial Review- Julio Amezquito-Acevedo is illegally in U.S.


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